Saint Ildefonso's Day, January 23. Names for boy

Saint Ildefonso's Day, January 23. Names for boy

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Ildefonso is a name for a boy of Germanic origin that means “the one who is prepared for combat”, thus this name gives off a great strength of character that will undoubtedly accompany your son throughout his life. It is generally equated with the name Alfonso and hardly presents any variations in other languages. He celebrates his name day on January 23, which is the day of San Ildefonso.

The name Ildefonso implies an energetic, dynamic and creative personality. As is clear from its meaning, Ildefonso is always willing and ready to defend those causes that he considers his, something that also makes him a protective person and a true leader. With an overwhelming and charismatic personality, Ildefonso is the soul of any meeting.

It is a name that has remained in use throughout history thanks to the figure of San Ildefonso, a seventh century archbishop of Toledo famous for his eloquence and for defending the figure of the Virgin Mary, to the point to witness an apparition where the Virgin herself imposed the chasuble on him as a sign of gratitude. San Ildefonso is also one of the fathers of the church, patron of Toledo.

In honor of this saint from whom your son takes his name, there are also numerous places throughout the Spanish geography with the name of San Ildefonso. Perhaps the best known place is the Granja de San Ildefonso, with its royal palace declared National Heritage, located in the province of Segovia. A place with history and charm that is worth visiting.

But there are also illustrious people who bear the name Ildefonso, such as the prestigious urban planner who built the Ensanche de Barcelona in the 19th century, Ildefonso Cerdà. More up-to-date, we find the overwhelmingly successful writer Ildefonso Falcones, author of “La catedral del mar” and “La mano de Fátima”.

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